Spice – A Popular Drug Within Teen Groups

August 21, 2018

Teens and Spice

Spice, also called K2, is a new drug that teenagers are finding because it is very easy for them to get. What is spice? Spice has been called a number of things from Black Mamba to Moon Rocks. It is considered to be fake weed and it is incredibly dangerous for your teen to use. It is made out of a mixture of different herbs and some say that it does look like marijuana. Spice is then sprayed with a large amount of chemicals that gives it its appearance, smell, and feeling of being high. Spice can be smoked just like marijuana and some teens are even putting it in their tea.

When Spice is used, the users will begin to feel a sense of paranoia. This has been reported with smoking marijuana too, but Spice users have reported that it is much more intense when they are on Spice. Many users say that they like Spice because they can start to see and hear things. The hallucinations are the best part for these teens. Spice is very unsafe for so many reasons, but as the makers of it start to feel pressures, they are beginning to change the chemical makeup of it. Spice is said to be an all-natural drug by many users. This is a fabrication because it may contain natural plants and flowers, but there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of man made chemicals added to it. This is what has been causing a lot of problems with overdosing.

What Happens to the Body When Using Spice?

There have been interviews and research conducted with Spice users and many of them have the same response when they first try it. When they first smoke Spice, they will notice a change in their heart rate. It will start beating faster and faster. Many users said it felt very similar to a panic attack where they think they are having a heart attack. Other users said they felt confused, nauseated, very nervous and anxious, and some said they began to have suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

Spice can also have affects on the brain of users. The chemicals in Spice can cause withdrawal type symptoms such as headaches, irritability, vomiting, and anxiety if the user cannot get more of it. This is when the drug can become its deadliest. The symptoms of withdrawal will cause the user to buy more. This will cause the effects to begin again. With some users, their hearts cannot take the drug more than once. This is why many of the users have ended up in the hospital. There have been many heart attacks from Spice and quite a few deaths as well.

There are teenagers still using it everyday and it has become one of the highest used illegal drugs by teenagers. In 2017, the numbers of teenagers who are using Spice grew. The number of 8th graders using it was at 2%, 10th grade usage at 2.70%, and graduating class usage was at 3.70%. Spice is incredibly easy for the teens to get and because many people consider it “naturally”, most teenagers feel that it is completely safe to use.

Getting Help For Teens on Spice

If you have seen signs that your teenager may be using Spice, now is the best time to get help for them. Spice is difficult to shake and if they haven’t been using very long, they may not resist as much. Although, resisting will occur. Any time a person is addicted to drugs, there will be resistance. That is why Hillcrest Adolescent Treatment Center is here.

At Hillcrest Adolescent Treatment Center, your teen can get all of the help they need in a private environment. We offer quite a variety of programs that can help your teen to become sober and live a healthy and successful life. Let Hillcrest be your choice when it comes to helping your teen with their addiction to Spice. If you have suddenly noticed changes in behavior in your teen, they are probably experimenting with drugs like Spice. As parents, we also understand how important it is to get them help. We are just one phone call or email away. We are here for you and your family no matter what!

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