Interpersonal Therapy

Healthy Relationships Group is designed to teach the participants social and communicative skills. It also teaches participants how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Participants will assess meaningful relationships in their lives and develop ways to improve upon those relationship. At the same time the group offers the space for the participants to share freely about their relationships and receive feedback from their peers and guidance from the facilitator.

Boundaries Therapy

Boundaries are vitally important to a child’s development. When children don’t have clear boundaries to let them know what’s acceptable and what isn’t, it can cause them to feel unsafe. This can lead to teenagers not being clear on what is expected of them, and this can cause them to get into dangerous situations and not realize they are “stepping over the line.” A lack of boundaries is part of the reason that teenagers will so readily experiment with dangerous drugs, underage drinking, or sexuality. And this can be devastating to their development. This group explores boundaries and their importance in helping the group members stay safe.

Community Meeting

Community Meeting is designed as a way to allow clients to process their feelings about their upcoming day. Group begin with the clients checking in with each other and sharing how their journey in treatment has been so far. While staff facilitates group, clients dictate the conversation by providing support and encouragement to their fellow peers. Clients set daily goals and intentions throughout group. staff then assists clients in accomplishing these goals throughout the day. By giving our clients space to collaborate, share and set intentions, clients ultimately form a tighter bond and support system for their journey through recovery.

Interactive Activities using Games

We use basic board games and card games as therapeutic activities without making any changes to the rules of the games. The games can be used as a learning experience, leading to discussion and teachable moments, depending on how the game unfolds and the type of group dynamics that ensue.

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