Personal Development

This group explores where the people in the session see their lives going in the future, and how they are preparing for what they want to accomplish. In addition, group members look at how they see themselves changing their behaviors so they can make choices that are more in their self-interest. Since most group members are still forming their ideas for their futures, discussions often center on what each group member feels passionate about, and how they envision achieving their goals. When they are able to see a positive future for themselves, they are then able to then start building a foundation to get there.

Mindful Exploration

In this group, participants take time to consider their actions. Often teenagers can get worked up emotionally very quickly, which can cause them to lash out at the people in their lives. When that happens things escalate quickly and can lead to tragic consequences, whether it’s violence, turning to drugs, or other irresponsible behaviors. This group explores ways to stop someone from acting out when they are at the height of their emotions. It’s about slowing things down and exploring what the best course of action is before moving forward.

Self-Development Group

The self-development group works with the client on their personal growth. It involves the growth and enhancement of all aspects of the individual, including, the feelings the person has about themselves, as well as their life efficacy. Additionally, it involves the development of positive life skills and the development of realistic and healthy self-esteem.

Acceptance and Commitment Group

In this group, adolescents learn a variety of skills, including the concept of acceptance. Discussed is the idea that acceptance doesn’t mean you have to like something, it just means you have to accept “what is.” Often people feel badly about themselves because of things that have happened in the past, and as a result they have trouble forgiving themselves. By being able to learn the concept of acceptance, a person can move forward in his or her life, and not get stuck continuing to relive their past. In addition, when a person can accept themselves for all that they are, they can also accept others more easily as well. This group also focuses on commitment, and the idea that people can accomplish their goals more readily if they’re able to honor their commitments – both to themselves and to others.

Positive Psychology

Having a positive outlook on life can help a person in many ways. Too often we focus on the negative things in our life and do not look at the many positive aspects of our existence. This group explores the way we think and tries to reframe our lives to emphasize what is good as opposed to what is bad. As we go through life having a positive attitude and looking at the world in a positive way can help us change our point of view in a variety of circumstance, which can lead to a happier outlook and a happier life.

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