We understand that many families are concerned about the costs of treatment. Medical costs for any treatment may be costly. Unfortunately, due to financial/insurance constraints, families are often directed toward low cost, low quality and sometimes unsuitable treatment programs. This can leave young people in a worse position than where they were when they started seeking rehabilitation options. This negative experience can set them up for future failure.

At Hillcrest Adolescent Treatment Center, we aim to prevent this tragedy. We are dealing with human lives and we know that poor quality treatment, simply because it is what others believe as affordable, often ends up costing more. With this in mind, Hillcrest aims to make the insurance verification process as straightforward and transparent as possible. We work with a wide range of insurance providers, accepting nearly all PPO insurance, and we can enter into a single case agreement in the case of HMO insurance. To ensure that our clients’ health and care are not compromised, if there is a shortfall in covered benefits from your insurance carrier, Hillcrest has a team of financial experts to assist you and also offers financing options for those with limited or no insurance available.

Our professional team is here to assist you with any insurance related matters and to facilitate this process in any way possible. To find out if we accept your insurance, please contact us and submit your policy information either via phone or via our online form.

Once we obtain your policy information, we will contact your provider to ascertain your benefits. Upon confirmation, a member of our Admissions Team will contact you to discuss and review your coverage. We will cover both in and out of network benefits that may be for residential or partial hospitalization treatment. Deductibles that you and your family are responsible for will also be discussed and any co-payments will be fully explained.

Our team at Hillcrest is here to help you with all queries and concerns. We speak 12 languages so please let us know your preferred language, and if we can’t assist, then we will arrange for an interpreter.

Insurance Pre-Certification

Some insurance providers require Pre-certification prior to admission to Hillcrest. Pre-Certification is simply pre-approval from an insurance provider; it is a common industry practice. The professional team at Hillcrest will assist you with the pre-certification process to expedite the process and make it easier for you. Some insurance companies require that you contact them personally; our Hillcrest Insurance Team will support and assist you with this as well.

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