Teen Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction is one of the rising obsessions among teens. In the last few years, the internet has made it much easier to access pornography websites which are exploiting teens in a terrible way. Adolescent curiosity about sexuality is a very normal and healthy part of human life. However, teen pornography addiction could severely twist and cheapen how an adolescent perceives sexuality, distorting healthy sexual understandings and ultimately affecting healthy sexual relationships.

Some facts:

  • According to research, 93 percent of boys and 62 percent of girls are exposed to internet pornography before the age of 18 years.
  • 70 percent of boys have spent at least 30 minutes on a porn site on at least one occasion.
  • Over 40 million adults in the US visit internet pornographic websites consistently.
  • One in five internet searches is a search for pornography.

Research shows that most pornography addictions begin during teenage years. However, most teenagers will not seek treatment until it becomes a serious problem later in life. Experts suggest that it is best to access proper treatment for a pornography addiction sooner rather than later in order to manage the addiction before it becomes out of hand.

Causes of Teen Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction is a growing habit among teenagers today. The major cause of the addiction is the easy availability of pornographic material online that is unrestricted and unmonitored, and of course, peer pressure.

Symptoms of Teen Pornography Addiction

In this online dependent era, teens are automatically hooked on their electronic devices for school projects, research etc. Their curiosity about the opposite sex and sexual affairs is also natural. But, when teens invest lots of time in viewing pornography, cannot track the passage of time when they are watching pornography, and fail to control the urge of viewing, then this is a pornography addiction. Pornography addiction has highly damaging effects and it can ruin the normal life routine of an adolescent.

Some of the symptoms to be aware of are:

  • Suddenly behavioral changes
  • Mood swings
  • Sleeping problems
  • Isolation from family and friends
  • Preference to spend time alone and online
  • Failure to track the passage of time when watching pornography
  • Poor performance in studies and at school
  • Pornographic online searches when they feel stressed, anxious or angry
  • Aggressive behavior when asked to stop watching
  • Inability to stop viewing pornography despite punishment and scolding
  • Gradual loss of interest in all activities that previously interested them
  • Feeling depressed if they cannot watch pornography on consecutive days
  • Lying about their activities in attempt to hide their addiction out of shame
  • Preference to remain awake late at night

Treatment at Hillcrest

Teenagers with pornography addiction require medical and therapeutic attention. The first step is to find a professional who is compassionate, skilled and knows how to deal with this kind of addiction. Hillcrest Adolescent Treatment Center (Hillcrest) is uniquely situated and designed to provide and nurture healing on all levels. As an elegant green rehabilitation oasis in the Agoura foothills, Hillcrest aims to cater to each client’s physical, emotional, mental, psychological and nutritional needs, specifically through individualized and diverse treatment plans. Hillcrest focuses on the key principles of mind-body health and provides wholesome healing in a mostly unplugged and small group environment.

Upon admission, each client is provided with the opportunity to undergo a series of professional evaluations in order to understand the root of the client’s struggle. Guided by dedicated doctoral-level practitioners, the best resources are then gathered to pave a clear treatment path for each client using bespoke, multi-disciplined therapeutic treatment plans. Hillcrest aims to provide the highest level of professional care and provide the client with an excellent, well-balanced and well-rounded experience while being treated at the facility, as well as the adequate tools to function independently and responsibly post treatment. At Hillcrest, you are your loved one are supported every step of the way on this journey to long-lasting and sustained healing.

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