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At Hillcrest, our teen treatment programs are designed to facilitate and encourage clients to reach a point of sustainable wellness, personal responsibility, and overall success. Practitioners assist and guide clients to discover healthy activities and interests to re-channel their energies in a positive and nurturing direction.

Additionally, our diverse team of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists provide evidenced-based, comprehensive, individualized treatment programs, using a range of multi-disciplined therapeutic modalities and cutting-edge modalities to best suit each client’s needs, such as: Family Therapy; Multi-Family Therapy; CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy); DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy); Psychodynamic; Expressive Art Therapy; Psychodrama; Stress Reduction; Healthy Sexuality; Dance; Life Skills; Psychoeducation; Mindfulness; Poetry; 12-Step; Emotional Intelligence; Improv/Comedy; Gardening Group; Conflict Resolution; Equine Therapy; Career Counseling; Nutrition; Healthy Relationships; Academic Tutoring; Goals and Milestones; Canine Therapy; Yoga; Self Development; Aquatic Therapy; Music Groups; Reading Groups; Fitness; Process Groups; and Self-Care.

With programs that are as diverse and multi-faceted as those found at Hillcrest, there is something for everyone. We are confident that your loved one will find his/her niche and blossom at our facility. Choosing Hillcrest will be an ideal turning point in the healing process and stand you in good stead as a worthwhile investment for years to come, where the returns by way of rehabilitation, healthy progress, and happy successful lives are only some of the factors that make Hillcrest the best choice for your loved one.

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