Teen Avoidant Personality Disorder

Teen avoidant personality disorder is correlated with an adolescent’s inability to interact socially as a result of extreme shyness. Teens with this disorder possess a strong feeling of inadequacy in interactions with their schoolmates and other people. A fear of rejection constantly lurks in their minds. As a result the avoidant personality disorder is extremely antisocial.

Symptoms of Teen Avoidant Personality Disorder

Common symptoms include:

  • Anti-social behavior
  • Deep rooted fear of rejection and criticism
  • Fear of making a mistake and being less than perfect
  • Insecurity
  • Low self-esteem and low self-worth
  • Extremely shy
  • Avoidance of social gatherings and social interactions

Causes of Teen Avoidant Personality Disorder

Teen avoidant personality disorder could be caused by genetic history or individual nature or specific nurture. Every shy teen can develop this disorder if not identified at early stages to help teens acclimate more easily within social settings. Their feelings of inadequacy are the chief reason for this disorder. They are overly sensitive about what people may say or think about them. This leaves them with a damaging entangled thought process about being socially unfit, strengthening this inhibition.

Thus the teen’s interpersonal skills are badly affected in any social environment and their self-esteem continues to diminish. To protect themselves, they become isolated, devoid of any social network, inhibiting their ability to relate within normal daily settings and highly debilitating as they progress through life.

Teens who do not receive timely treatment for avoidant personality disorder can develop further complications. Their issues can convert to depression, substance abuse, and agoraphobia.

Treatment of Teen Avoidant Personality Disorder

This disorder is best treated through psychotherapy. This treatment focuses on the altered perspective, the teen’s sub-conscious beliefs and other’s viewpoints about them. The treatment is specifically conducted through psychodynamic therapy (a form of talk therapy), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and medication that includes a course of antidepressants.

Treatment at Hillcrest

Hillcrest Adolescent Treatment Center (Hillcrest) is a licensed, residential mental health facility, specializing in the treatment of teen avoidant personality disorder. Hillcrest aims to help clients become centered and empowered to address their struggles head on and to find the most wholesome path for long-lasting healing, and enable them to maximize their quality of life.

In line with the treatment philosophy and facility mission, Hillcrest provides a range of innovative and creative therapeutic, experiential, and clinical evidence-based treatment options in a natural and peaceful environment, to benefit both mind and body health. Simultaneously, clients are provided with an educational school component, as well as healthy recreational activities, including; library, art, music, and a range of outdoor exercise programs, including tennis and swimming. All healing is guided by dedicated doctoral level medical healthcare professionals and therapists with stellar background and experience. At Hillcrest the road to recovery is real and supported every step of the way for you and your loved one.

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