Hillcrest Accommodations

Our rustic, but elegant homestead is set in the lush tropical foothills of Agoura Hills, California. This rural estate, which is both private and peaceful, is an ideal enclave for rehabilitation and healing.

At Hillcrest, we believe that physical comforts help to complement and support mental and emotional health. Our aim is to provide a balanced and comfortable environment for our clients, that is conducive to maintaining and sustaining healthy habits and ongoing rehabilitation.

Hillcrest’s Outdoor Haven

The outdoor haven comprises colorful koi fish ponds, pebbled bridges, patios, lush waterfalls, and green landscaped gardens. Our clients and visitors are transported to a magical and luxurious oasis. Outdoor amenities also include a pool/spa and a tennis court.

Hillcrest’s outdoor garden settings are ideal spaces for meditation, relaxation, as well as outdoor sports sessions and exercise, in both summer and winter. The natural environment complements the therapeutic programming and enhances both mental and emotional health.

Hillcrest’s Indoor Comforts

Indoors, our residential facility is comprised of grand rooms that are warm, flooded with natural light, softened with carpets, plush furnishings and stone fireplaces.

Hillcrest’s kitchen is modern and grand, allowing our on-site chef to prepare the deluxe and nutritious menus to suit our client’s health needs and preferences.

All bedrooms and bathrooms are luxurious, clean and well-equipped, providing clients with warm spaces for retreat, privacy and the feeling of being nurtured in an “at home” environment.

Our clients also enjoy the open indoor spaces for lounging, reading, board games and group sessions. The overall vibe is one of flow and open expansiveness in line with our therapeutic healing principles and programming.

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