Hillcrest Dining

The Hillcrest dining experience, like all of our other programming, is holistic and therapeutic.

Our executive chef provides customized nourishing meal plans to encourage healthy eating habits, alongside nutrition counseling. All meals are fresh, balanced and gourmet, cooked on site under strict hygienic supervision in our deluxe kitchen with modern appliances.

Our chef works in tandem with Hillcrest’s dietician to customize healthy and balanced meal plans for each client based on their specific dietary requirements. All meal plans are created with special and particular regard to all medication regimens, weight issues, body types, allergies, client menu preferences, and health risks.

Here at Hillcrest we understand that diet, emotional health, mental health and physical health are all interrelated. As a result, frequent and balanced nutritious and healthy meals are paramount in order to maintain and sustain rehabilitation and long-term healing. Our aim is not only to introduce our clients to healthy dietary habits while at Hillcrest, but to also encourage them to take these newly acquired dietary tools with them back into their daily lives, post rehabilitation.

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