Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment for Teens

We Focus on Teen Recovery in a Caring, Safe and Intimate Setting

We Focus on Teen Recovery in a Caring, Safe and Intimate Setting Hillcrest is residential facility is based in the tropical foothills of Agoura Hills, California. We offer specialized rehabilitation programs for teens struggling with substance abuse disorders, such as addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or chemical dependency. Embodying the key principles of mind-body health, our individualized and diverse treatment plans provide wholesome healing in a mostly unplugged and small group environment. Our philosophy is to help clients become centered and empowered to address their struggles head on and tofind the most wholesome path for long lasting healing, and overall life quality.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse


Hillcrest has a qualified and experienced team of professionals to properly and fully evaluate and treat substance abuse disorders. As a mental health facility that understands the complexities of addiction and alcoholism in teenagers, Hillcrest provides individualized programs and therapeutic help.

Delivered in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, our plans deal with teens underlying emotional and mental health issues, providing them with coping mechanisms that enable them to live a happy, healthy, drug and alcohol free life. The Hillcrest team treats each case individually to ensure the very best and long lasting results.

Clinical Therapy

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We provide a range of innovative and creative therapeutic, experiential, and clinical evidence-based treatment options in a natural and peaceful environment, to benefit both mind and body health.

Simultaneously, clients are provided with an educational school component, as well as healthy recreational activities, including; library, art, music, and a range of outdoor exercise programs.

Holistic and Creative therapies

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Evidence-based clinical therapies are complemented by holistic and creative therapies, such as: Family Therapy; Multi-Family Therapy; CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy); DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy); Psychodynamic; Expressive Art Therapy; Psychodrama; Stress Reduction; Healthy Sexuality; Dance; Life Skills; Psychoeducation; Mindfulness; Poetry; 12-Step; Emotional Intelligence; Improv/Comedy; Gardening Group; Conflict Resolution; Equine Therapy; Career Counseling; Nutrition; Healthy Relationships; Academic Tutoring; Goals and Milestones;
Canine Therapy; Yoga; Self Development; Aquatic Therapy; Music Groups; Reading Groups; Fitness; Process Groups; Self-Care; and similar, cutting edge modalities.


Our diverse clinical staff of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists provide evidenced-based, comprehensive, individualized treatment programs, using a range of multi-disciplined therapeutic modalities to best suit each client’s needs.


At Hillcrest, education and schooling are of utmost importance and priority. Our ultimate goal is for family and school reunification and reintegration post rehabilitation. To this effect, your loved one’s schooling should not suffer or be affected in any negative way through seeking rehabilitation.


Hillcrest values the importance of the client’s aftercare once the client returns to daily life in the outside world, in order to preserve the tools gained, and improve the progress made during treatment at the facility. Upon discharge, we assist with setting up appropriate outpatient facilities and therapeutic group sessions. Our alumni are always welcome to keep in touch with our on-site therapists, counselors and practitioners even after discharge.

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