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Teen Addiction Disorders

Teen Addiction DisordersTeen addiction disorders are common during the teenage years. Addictions can manifest with respect to drugs, internet, video games, pornography, gambling, and others. Drug addiction is often adopted by teenagers from 8th grade and upwards, where they are likely to abuse substances such as tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol. Many adolescents become addicted in a severe way, beginning the vicious cycle of drug addiction, detoxification, relapse etc. For parents of teenagers with addiction disorders, this can be a very difficult and trying time.

Symptoms of Teen Addiction Disorders

Parents much look out for signs and symptoms of addictions. Those signs/symptoms include: irregular health condition, red eyes, tired looks, unkempt looks, general shift in behavior towards family members, mood swings, change in appetite, erratic sleeping patterns, abrupt weight loss/ gain, irritability, aggression, rambling speech or rapid speech, increased restlessness, over confidence, increased confusion, lack of concentration, fearful attitude or anxious feelings, paranoia, delusions, changes in school attendance and performance, isolated behavior, avoiding eye contact, stealing, reduced athletic activities, changes in contact with friends and/or family members.

Causes of Teen Addiction Disorders

Mental health: Teens who are usually at odds with their parents and do not have a peaceful relationship are emotionally more prone to drug addiction. Moreover, if they already suffer from depression, have less self-esteem, or face any other mental health conditions then they are more likely to be easily susceptible to addiction disorders.

Genetics: Genetics is a factor that may increase susceptibility to addiction disorders. Teenagers with family members suffering from mental disorders and addiction disorders have a higher chance of developing a teen addiction disorder.

Social: Peer pressure during the teenage years is often very strong and one of the reasons that teenagers become addicted. Wanting to be socially accepted, many of them try illicit substances simply to please their peer groups and ultimately become addicts themselves.

Treatment for Teen Addiction Disorders

Begin from home: Once parents become aware of their teen’s addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is recommended that they stay composed. Anger directed at the teenager may cause the teen to go into lockdown and become non-communicative. With calm, love and open communication the parents and teenager can then begin seeking the best therapeutic help to address the teen addiction disorder.

Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA): This method helps adolescents to manage their addiction disorder. They are counseled to abstain from the drugs and lead a better social life with their families and friends. The therapist selects options out of 17 A-CRA recommended measures to resolve the underlying issues by increasing teen’s participation in social and outdoor activities.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT emphasizes a theory of behavioral learning to solve teen addiction disorders. This method applies various strategies that include helping a teen addict to cope with the drug issues and its withdrawal symptoms. Through CBT, the adolescent becomes more aware of the risks and negative results of the addiction. The teenagers and their families are educated to exercise self control and anger management techniques instead of resorting to the drugs/alcohol as an easy way out.

Treatment at Hillcrest

Hillcrest Adolescent Treatment Center (Hillcrest) is a tranquil, rehabilitation oasis expertly designed to treat adolescents struggling with teen addiction disorders. The magnificent residential facility is based in the tropical foothills of Agoura Hills, California. Rustic, yet elegant, it is uniquely situated and designed to provide and nurture healing on all levels, while focusing on the key principles of mind-body health.

Healing is accelerated when all states of being are nurtured. Hillcrest provides a healing environment that is multi-faceted, including, the ultimate balance of elegant accommodation, expansive green natural outdoors, nutritious meals, and wholesome healing programs, in order to ensure that recovery is deep-rooted and long-lasting. At Hillcrest you and your loved one are supported by our professional and dedicated staff every step of the way, both during and post treatment.

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