Why Choose Hillcrest

While there are many rehabilitation facilities to choose from, Hillcrest stands out for many reasons. This rehabilitation facility is renowned for its very high professional standards in treating mental health and addiction disorders in a very wholesome and complete way. Hillcrest understands that your teenager requires friendship, love, and care in order for healing to be maximized and long lasting. Further, Hillcrest is interested with the underlying causes and triggers that lead to the symptoms associated with the disorders. As such, healing is addressed in a very deep way to ensure that all underlying triggers are dealt with, as well as co-occurring issues. Hillcrest also understands that your teenager has their individual personalities, backgrounds, experiences, and genetic make-up. To this effect, individualized and innovative therapeutic programs are devised to cater to each client at their level and to address each of their emotional, physical, mental, psychological and nutritional needs, based on the core values of mind-body health principles, in a way that is most palatable and beneficial for that individual.

Mental Health Disorders and Addiction Disorders

Hillcrest extends support to patients who face an uphill struggle against mental health disorders, substance abuse, addiction disorders and behavioral health disorders. All disorders are treated comprehensively with modern and innovative therapeutic treatment methods, catered to the individual needs, temperament, personality and history of each client.

Mental Health Disorders: Include – anxiety disorders, depression disorders, mood disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Substance Abuse / Addiction Disorders: Advanced Treatment is available for abuse of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, opioid addiction, alcohol, MDMA, prescription medicines, and various other drug addictions. Substance abuse can correlate with other mental health disorders. Hillcrest is skilled at discerning and accurately diagnosing the root causes of the disorders, as well as the co-occurring issues and/or multiple disorders that are present.

Behavioral Health Disorders: These types of disorders include among others – anger issues, disruptive behavior, self-harm, emotional regulation, and social skill disorders.

Hillcrest Treatment Modalities

At Hillcrest, you and your loved one participate in 3 to 5 weeks of individual therapy sessions. The therapies are evidence based and clinical, combined with and supported by holistic and innovative methods. Some of the evidence-based therapies include family therapy, multi-family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

Other innovative modalities therapies used in tandem with evidence based clinical therapies include – psychodrama, expressive art therapy, stress reduction, psychoeducation, dance, poetry, yoga, aquatic therapy, fitness and life skills. A 12-step therapy program is also accessed when appropriate for some of the addiction disorders.

Hillcrest Facilities

Hillcrest’s rustic, but elegant homestead is set in the lush tropical foothills of Agoura Hills. This rural estate which is both private and peaceful is an ideal enclave for rehabilitation and healing. With koi fish ponds, bridges, patios, waterfalls and green nature, you are transported to a magical and luxurious oasis. Indoors, our residential facility is comprised of grand rooms that are warm, flooded with natural light, softened with carpets, plush furnishings and stone fireplaces. Amenities also include a pool/spa and a tennis court.

Hillcrest’s Team

Hillcrest’s professional team has an enviable track record of many years of experience in the field of teenage mental health and addiction disorders. Hillcrest’s team is comprised of doctoral level medical healthcare professionals, mental healthcare specialists, mental health therapists, and a range of support and activities’ staff. We are blessed to exhibit a strong team of quality personnel, where each member brings stellar experience, education, and proactive care to our Hillcrest home and programs. Our team operates with the highest values of dedication, commitment and confidentiality at all times. Clients are therefore comfortable to form quick and easy rapport, as well as healthy communication with all of our staff members in order to foster and accelerate sustained healing and deep-rooted rehabilitation, during and post treatment at our facility.

While the road to recovery may appear quite challenging and overwhelming when your loved one is struggling with a mental health or addiction disorder, Hillcrest is here to provide support, knowledge, guidance and real tools for sustained rehabilitation and healing every step of the way.

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