The Support You Need: How to Treat Food Addiction

Food Addiction

Food is a vital part of human life. We need it for our bodies to function properly and to maintain human life. However, food is also appealing for various other reasons. It tempts the senses and sometimes serves as a way to dull feelings of emotional pain, sadness or anxiety. Certain foods have effects on…

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Most Misunderstood Facts About Paranoid Personality Disorder

If your teen struggles with a paranoid personality disorder, they struggle with feelings of paranoia and an unrelenting mistrust and suspicion of those around them. These feelings are not reserved for strangers or community members. They also extend to family, friends, and loved ones the teen may know well. These feelings occur even when there…

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The Ultimate Rundown on Opioid Addiction in Teens


Across the United States, the opioid epidemic continues to touch the lives of teens and adults. Whether a friend or family member, it is (likely) safe to say that almost everyone has been impacted in some form by an addiction to opioids. Adults and teens alike have watched as a friend, loved one, or next-door…

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Life Success – Can Marijuana and Alcohol Use Reduce a Teens Success Rates?

teen substance abuse

Teen substance abuse has and continues to be a societal concern. This problem is particularly alarming when referencing teen marijuana use and teen alcohol use. Not only can these substances adversely impact young people during their formidable years and threaten teen success, but a new disturbing study found those who regularly ingest these drugs might…

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Vaping is Becoming a Teen Epidemic

teen vaping

When a person inhales or exhales the aerosol known as a vapor produced by e-cigarettes or other similar devices, he or she is vaping. Since e-cigarettes don’t make tobacco smoke, all too often a person mistakes the vapor or aerosol for water vapor. The fine particles in the vapor have been found to contain several…

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The Overuse of Prescription Amphetamines in Teenagers

teen amphetamine use

The overuse of illicit and prescription drugs continues to be a significant social and medical problem in the United States. This is particularly true amongst teenagers and the increased use of prescription amphetamines by individuals representing that age group. The following brief post will examine commonly known prescription amphetamines often used by teens, what impact…

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Fentanyl and its Devastating Impact on Communities

fentanyl addiction

The Extent of the Opioid Epidemic From 2000 to 2015, the rate of deaths in the United States from drug overdoses nearly tripled from 6.2 to 16.3 per 100,000. Almost all U.S. counties experienced a rate increase during that time frame. Sixty percent of counties saw increases at least on par with the national figures,…

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Can Video Gaming Become an Addiction?

teenage video game addiction

For most people, video games can be a fun way to relax and enjoy free time. Researchers have been paying a lot of attention to all the improved spatial reasoning, memory retention, reaction time, and problem-solving skills associated with video games, but they are also finding that video games can have some downsides. People who…

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Is Your Teenager Addicted to a Smartphone?

teenage smartphone addiction

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tinder – social networking sites are abundant in today’s tech-heavy world, and it’s likely your teenager uses one or more of them. A whopping 81 percent of Americans maintain at least one social media profile. Most teens access social media through smartphones. While it might seem like it’s all “fun and…

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Recognizing Teenage Gambling Addiction

teenage gambling addiction

Recognizing Teenage Gambling Addiction Although gambling addiction might seem like only an adult’s problem, this assertion couldn’t be further from the truth. Teenagers can fall victim to compulsive gambling with less restriction than ever before, thanks to microtransactions in video games. It’s common for parents to think of gaming-related addictions as unimportant, minor, or lesser…

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