Social Anxiety in Teens Can be Stopped: How to Treat It

Social Anxiety in Teens Can be Stopped

Social anxiety (formerly referred to as social phobia) was once considered an uncommon disorder. Data from the National Institute of Mental Health National Comorbidity Survey Replication indicates an estimated 7.1% of U.S Adults had social anxiety in the past year. More than 12% will experience social anxiety at some point in their lives. A similar…

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Unhealthy Eating and Teenage Brains – 10 Things You Need to Know Now!

Unhealthy eating

Although a significant portion of brain development takes place during early adolescence, the teen years are also a time of substantial change and development. The growth that takes place during these critical years can have a significant impact on their thinking and behaviors. Essential aspects of their day-to-day lives such as sleep, activity, socializing, and…

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Most Misunderstood Facts About Paranoid Personality Disorder

If your teen struggles with a paranoid personality disorder, they struggle with feelings of paranoia and an unrelenting mistrust and suspicion of those around them. These feelings are not reserved for strangers or community members. They also extend to family, friends, and loved ones the teen may know well. These feelings occur even when there…

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Lonliness in Americas Youth

teen loneliness

Because of all the new technological devices and the world wide web, we are now globally connected more than ever. But while one may think that this would harmoniously link people into happy, healthy groups, it doesn’t appear to be working out that way. In fact, many studies have shown that just the opposite is…

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Does Your Teen Suffer From Conduct Disorder?

conduct disorder

Conduct disorder is diagnosed in children and adolescents who exhibit repeated and persistent behavior that violates basic societal rules or the rights of others. The behavior is typically exhibited in a number of settings, including at school, home, and in social situations. This disorder results in significant impairment in academic, family, and social functioning. If…

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