BPD Love: Dating Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

On their own, relationships are challenging. This is especially true during the teen years when many are exploring first loves, first bosses, and the other difficulties that come with forging new and lasting relationships throughout high school and beyond. Having a mental health condition that leads to frequent changes in emotions and mood adds a…

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Supporting Your Teen’s Mental Health as a Parent

supporting teen mental health

Ways to Nurture Your Teen’s Mental Health Mental health is something that can be very difficult to deal with when your teen is growing up. Many parents may feel like the mental issues that their teens are going through are simply just teenage outbursts. It can be difficult to delineate between outbursts and mental health…

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The Real Face of Bullies and How to Deal With Them

Facing Bullies: Deal with the Problem by Confronting Tolerating bullies on a regular basis can take a serious toll on someone’s mental health. Teens are often especially sensitive to being mistreated. Name-calling, manipulation or even physical abuse are just some of the ways your child may be suffering. Bullies are cruel, dominating and persistent. They…

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A Teen’s Brain: Warning Signs Every Parent Must Know

teen using substance

Figuring Out What’s Going On in a Teen’s Brain Teenagers are sometimes challenging to bring up. If you are a parent of a teenage daughter or son, you might have experienced frequent mood changes, estrangement from you, and changing hobbies and other interests. Many parents have a hard time deciding which of their teen’s behaviors…

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Bullying at School – The Warning Signs to Watch For


Bullying can have a devastating effect on its victims. It is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. It is damaging emotionally to the victim and also to the bully. It leaves emotional scars on both. And a witness can be affected also. Victims suffer emotional damage which may last for many years. The range of reactions can…

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Eating Disorders: The Battle in Teens and How to Prevent It

teen with eating disorder

An eating disorder can take a devastating toll on a teenager, especially for girls. Quite often, during the struggle that the teen is engaged in, a family becomes embroiled in conflict, struggle, and pain as they acknowledge the problem and seek solutions for their suffering family member. In order to protect your child from the…

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Barbiturate Abuse and its Impact on Teenagers


The thought of your teen abusing barbiturates can be traumatizing. Sadly, the rate at which teens are abusing drugs, barbiturates included is increasing each day. With increasing technology and exposure, teenagers can access drugs easily via the internet. But, what are barbiturates? Barbiturates are depressants that produce a relaxing effect on the body when used.…

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Teenage Vaping – Should We Do More to Stop It

teen vaping

Teen Vaping: How Common Is It and Should We Be Concerned? For the past few years, teenage cigarette usage was at an all-time low. Thanks to plenty of informative public health warnings, most teens knew that the risks of using cigarettes far outweighed the benefits. Though cigarette usage might be down, more and more teens…

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